Exclusive Partnership with TRAFINEO


PIQUE Ferry Agency has acquired a strong new partner in TRAFINEO.
TRAFINEO is a German service provider and IT processor specialising in cashless payment of tolls and vehicle-related services throughout Europe.

Since its founding in 2009, TRAFINEO has continued to expand in the field of On-Road Services such as the processing of tolls and the provision of intermodal transport possibilities (Rolling Highway).

TRAFINEO regularly expands its Value Added Services- for example, secure parking with truck washing facilities. TRAFINEO customers can use their Fuel Card to benefit now from the company’s comprehensive, Europe-wide services.

TRAFINEO’s current clients include BP/ARAL, Circle K, ENI and OMV. In addition, TRAFINEO is the central On-Road Services contractor for the ROUTEX consortium.

Pique’s new partnership with TRAFINEO primarily enables BP/ARAL and Circle K customers, through the PIQUE Ferry Agency, to use their Fuel Card to book a ferry for Europe-wide haulage or EUROTUNNEL transit. The account is balanced through the Fuel Card.

It is predicted that further ROUTEX customers will be taking advantage of this service in 2017.