Where do I find prices and timetables on the Website?

Prices can be found under “Truck Ferry Routes”. Clicking on your chosen location will open the relevant map. Moving the cursor over the individual route lines on the map will highlight that particular route in yellow. Clicking on the yellow line will display a choice of PDF documents to open or download.

What types of vehicle are covered by the prices?

All prices listed on this Website apply exclusively to standard trucks up to a maximum of 19.0 x 2.5 x 4.0 metres and a maximum overall weight of 40 tonnes with one driver and without dangerous goods. They are not valid for private travel or for export vehicles.

Are the prices current and for how long are they valid?

Whilst we always try to display correct and up-to-date prices, we cannot assume responsibility for their validity. In many circumstances, prices are changed on a monthly basis as most shipping companies account for fuel surcharges.

What is meant by BAF or bunker surcharge?

These are fuel surcharges, with which the shipping companies offset the fluctuations in the price of oil. These surcharges are adjusted by most shipping companies on a monthly basis.

Are there any benefits such as discounts for frequent users?

This is possible in many cases. Please contact our sales team for an individual offer.

Do I have to pay extra for the driver?

Our prices always include the transfer of at least one driver. The transport of further drivers is handled differently depending on the ferry connection. Relevant information can also be found in the price lists.

What is included in the prices I can view on this site?

Our aim is to make our price lists as simple as possible and as detailed as necessary. We try to combine all possible fixed costs per vehicle, such as fuel surcharges, into one price. Additional costs, for example, port fees or power connections, have been listed separately.

Why can’t I find prices for special loads or hazardous cargo surcharges?

Because in these cases, the precise conditions and options available on each connection are subject to advance confirmation. That is why we prefer to check and calculate these shipments individually for you so that we can to make you a reliable and serious offer. Feel free to contact us or send us your price request.

Will I be charged VAT and if so, which?

PIQUE Ferry Agency GmbH is a German-based company. Consequently, our German customers will receive an invoice with German VAT. Customers from other EU countries will receive an invoice without VAT on production of their VAT number (reverse charge procedure). Customers from countries outside the EU will also receive an invoice without VAT.


Do I have to book in advance, or can I simply turn up at the port?

Booking your ferry directly at the port, although sometimes possible, has several disadvantages. Only upon arrival at the port will you find out if there is a place for your vehicle available, which makes logistical planning difficult if not impossible. In most circumstances, the driver must then have to pay the higher charges of the shipping company rather than our cheaper prices.

What types of vehicle can I book with you?

Basically all types of commercial transport vehicle can be booked with us, from courier vans to low loaders.

Which ferry routes can I book with you?

Within Europe, there is hardly a ferry service that we cannot book for you. For the best overview of our available routes, click the link "Truck Ferry Routes"

Can I book bridge and tunnel tolls with you?

Naturally we can also book important toll tunnels and bridges for you, such as the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, or the Mont Blanc Tunnel between France and Italy. This ensures that your vehicles may pass without loss of time, and that your driver does not have to make any payment on the spot. An overview of what we offer can be found here.

Do you offer bookings for the “Rolling Highway” alpine transit?

We book alpine transit with the “Rolling Highway” (RoLa), where driver-accompanied trucks are loaded onto trains for passage through the Alps, on a daily basis for many of our customers. All of our available RoLa connections can be found here.

How can I book?

New customers should send their booking via the "Booking Request” on our website, or by an email including your company data.

Can I book online?

We offer a direct online booking (where you can book directly into the system of the respective route operator and receive your confirmation directly online) on the so-called "race tracks". These include, for example, cross-Channel ferry services, the Eurotunnel or the “Vogelfluglinie” to Denmark and Sweden. Please contact us if you require free online access to these connections.

Do you also offer booking by means of license plate deposit?

We offer repeat booking by means of license plate deposit for the ferry connections Calais-Dover and Dunkirk-Dover as well as for the Eurotunnel train shuttle between Calais and Folkestone. For more information please contact us.

What information is required for the booking?

In addition to your company details or your customer number, for every booking we will require the vehicle details (licence plate, length and load weight), your chosen route and your dates of travel. Certain routes may also require extra information, such as driver particulars.

How far in advance must I book?

This would depend on the duration of the journey and the number of departures. A shorter route such as Calais-Dover, with frequent daily crossings and a transit time of 90 minutes, could still be booked shortly before  arrival at the port. A ferry connection from Germany to Finland, however, with just one departure per day and a transit time of more than 30 hours, should be booked at least one week in advance. In the freight sector, ferries can usually be booked up to 14 days in advance.

How and when will I receive my booking confirmation?

You will receive a booking confirmation email immediately after we have successfully booked your chosen crossing. This will normally be within one hour of your booking, otherwise you will receive a notification from us. For bookings paid for by bank transfer, confirmation will be given once we have received proof of payment.

How long before departure do I need to be at the port?

Check-in time is normally one hour before departure. In exceptional circumstances, however, this could be two or three hours. We will inform you of your exact check-in time with your booking confirmation.

Do I need a ticket for check-in at the port?

No. You will receive a booking reference in your booking confirmation with which you must report at the check-in.

Why must I wait longer for booking confirmation on certain routes?

The booking systems of the individual operators are often technically very different. Whereas some operators offer us quick and straightforward processing of your booking via direct online access, other providers work more conventionally and thus require a correspondingly greater amount of time.

Is it possible to book additional passengers in the vehicle besides the driver?

Most routes will allow you to book extra passengers for an additional fee. However, there are exceptions on those routes where cargo ships with restricted passenger capacity are used.

Can I also book my private ferry crossing with you?

Our booking options and prices apply exclusively to freight units, i.e. commercial transport vehicles from vans to low loaders. Motorhomes with truck registration are not recognised by the shipping operators as valid commercial transport vehicles, and must be booked accordingly in the tourist or passenger sector. 

Can I book my motorhome with you if it is registered as a truck?

Our booking options and prices apply exclusively to freight units, i.e. commercial transport vehicles from vans to low loaders. Motorhomes with truck registration are not recognised by the shipping operators as valid commercial transport vehicles, and must be booked accordingly in the tourist or passenger sector.

Can I book a crossing for my private house move using a hired truck?

Yes, this is easily possible.

Can I book a ferry for unaccompanied vehicles, such as vehicles for export, with you?

Unaccompanied or export vehicles, such as cars, trucks or agricultural machinery, may also be booked with us. In these cases, however, it must be ensured that the vehicle is ready to be driven, otherwise the loading of the vehicle by the shipping company will either be subject to additional costs or will be rejected altogether. Please note that the prices we display here do not apply to these types of vehicle, and you should request them separately from us.


Can I change my booking later?

This is not a problem in principle, and, with the exception of a few connections, is also possible without charge.

What happens if my vehicle is delayed?

If your vehicle is delayed, please inform us so that we can pass the information on to the operator to avoid your booking being cancelled by late check-in arrival. If you are likely to miss your connection, we will, with your agreement, try to book an alternative crossing.

What will happen if I do not cancel my booking and I do not take the crossing?

In case of late cancellation, or if you should fail to take your confirmed ferry booking without notice, we charge a “no-show” fee of €50.00. This is in addition to any “dead freight” fees which may be charged by the shipping company.

SPECIAL TRANSPORTS (Dangerous goods, oversize loads, heavy loads, livestock, refigerated transport)

What must I do if my vehicle is transporting dangerous goods?

In this case you must inform us in advance of the dangerous goods data (class, UN number, packing group), so that we can check in advance whether transport on the desired connection is possible. For the transit, the driver is legally required to carry the correct documentation for sea transport such as the "Dangerous Goods Declaration" and the "Packing Certificate", both completed and signed.

What must I do if my vehicle has abnormal dimensions/ weight ?

Here you would be required to give us in advance the precise measurements, weights and, where appropriate, a diagram, so that we may check with the operator whether a loading is possible.

What must I do if my vehicle is transporting livestock?

In this case, we would need to be informed in advance so that we can verify with the operator whether or not, and under which conditions, livestock transportation is permitted.

What must I consider with temperature-controlled freight?

Temperature-controlled freight transport rarely poses a problem. You will need to inform us in advance, in order that we may book appropriately.  On board, your vehicle will be connected to the ship’s power supply, for which most operators charge an extra fee. For safety reasons, the running of diesel generators is prohibited during the crossing.


What accommodation is offered on board?

For longer crossings, the driver will receive a "cabin bed space", which can contain up to four beds in total. On popular routes, this would mean several drivers having to share a cabin. For shorter crossings (approximately up to 3 hours), where cabins are not usually available, drivers are normally given special rest areas. Remaining in the vehicle during the crossing is not permitted for safety reasons.

Can I book a private cabin?

This is only possible in exceptional circumstances. Please speak to us for further information.

Is on-board catering included in the ticket price?

On longer crossings, catering is mostly included or is offered at discounted prices. This is rarely the case on shorter routes, although there are often reductions for drivers.

How will my vehicle be secured for the crossing?

Vehicles are secured on board the ferries by means of attachment points recessed in the deck, to which the vehicles are secured by straps or chains. Please note that vehicles travelling by ferry must be equipped with lashing eyelets for seaworthy securing to the ship's deck. Vehicles without lashing points that comply with international regulations may be refused loading.


How can I pay?

For customers who regularly book with us, we can set up a credit account upon request. Subject to an examination by our credit insurance, you then have the option of being invoiced for your crossing and paying by the agreed payment date. For customers with irregular or one-off booking needs, we offer payment by major credit cards (MASTER, VISA, AMEX), by ROUTEX fuel card or, depending on the timing, prepayment by bank transfer. Further information can be found here

Can I pay directly at the port?

If you book your crossing with us, payment at the port is not possible. Here, the driver would have to pay the usually higher standard fare of the shipping company and will be unable to take advantage of our cheaper prices.

Will I be charged VAT and if so, which?

PIQUE Ferry Agency GmbH is a German-based company. Consequently, our German customers will receive an invoice with German VAT. Customers from other EU countries will receive an invoice without VAT on production of their VAT number (reverse charge procedure). Customers from countries outside the EU will also receive an invoice without VAT.

Why do I receive a pro forma invoice if I pay in advance?

Our pro forma invoice is initially only the receipt for your prepayment. We will send you a regular invoice for your bookkeeping immediately after shipment.

How will I be reimbursed if my booking changes or I have to cancel?

 In this case, we will immediately transfer the amount, less any applicable costs (such as cancellation fees), back to your account.


What are the business hours of PIQUE Ferry Agency?

Our business hours are from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. Our office is closed at weekends and on national holidays in Germany.

Can I contact you outside business hours if I need help?

As a customer, you can reach us via our emergency service number, which you will find on every booking confirmation or which you will be given when you open your customer account. Outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08.00 - 18.00), a "service surcharge" of € 25.00 will be charged for new bookings.

Do I have fixed contact persons with you or are you a call centre?

We do not like call centres, but we like our customers, with whom we often work with confidence over many years. That is why we attach great importance to our team as personal and competent contact partners.

Where is PIQUE Ferry Agency’s headquarters?

The company is located in Eutin, in northern Germany, between the major ferry ports of Kiel, Lübeck-Travemünde and Puttgarden. A clearly advantageous location due the numerous ferry lines nearby which offer a high number of qualified potential employees, from which we select our staff.

What kind of company is PIQUE Ferry Agency and do you own your own ships?

The PIQUE Ferry Agency GmbH is a shipping agency and does not own ships. As a service provider in the transport industry, we are the neutral broker of transport services by ship or rail to hauliers and other freight customers. The actual transportation is carried out by the respective operators of the connections, with whom we have usually worked together in confidence for many years, and with whom we have firm agreements.