Terms of payment

Not only booking a ferry, but also the payment process can quickly present a challenge, particularly on foreign ferry routes when you are unfamiliar with the local conditions. Typical problems encountered are:

  • Unknown partner or contact at the shipping line
  • Communication difficulties with foreign shipping lines
  • Increased advance payments to unknown shipping lines
  • Uncertainty as to whether the payment or booking has gone through
  • Cash payments directly at the port with unfavourable conditions
  • Driver must carry cash or credit card

With a booking through PIQUE Ferry Agency, you need no longer worry. We are familiar with local conditions and, as your central contact partner, naturally we take care of the payment process.

Your payment always takes place solely through us, no matter which ferry route you wish to use. For these purposes we offer the following three basic options:


For regular bookings we are happy to offer you to set up a credit account with us. Subject to being proofed by our international credit insurance you would then have the option of handling all your bookings via this credit account on basis of the agreed terms of payment. The credit check fee for this is € 30.00, which we gladly reimburse you after three bookings within a year.


For prepayment you also have the option to send us a transfer in advance. Please note that your booking will only be released after receipt of your payment on our account. The receipt of payment must have taken place at the latest up to the last working day before the booked departure on our account. For short-term transfers, we therefore recommend the "real-time transfer" (Instant Pay), which is now offered by almost all banks and savings banks in Europe.


As an alternative to advance payment for infrequent customers, we offer credit card payment (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS).


As the exclusive ferry service provider, PIQUE Ferry Agency offers customers with a ROUTEX Fuel Card to book any number of connections by sea or rail, and to pay directly through PIQUE Ferry Agency using the ROUTEX Fuel Card.


* For this payment method an administrative charge of 3% will be added to the fare.